Dying fleece

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This one is on Dying wool before carding. Ive been asked by a few people how to Dye so here goes. 

Ill break it down to a few steps to make it easier. 

Step 1 Wash greasy wool in a good washing powder or scour liquid. 


Step 2 Hot rinse 

Step 3 Cold rinse 

Step 4 Spin (I just chuck in washing machine and spin) 

Setting up dye pot. 

Full with water and make sure hot as wool will take down temp. 

I mix dye in a jar with vinegar 1st then add to water and stir. 

add amount of wool you want dyed. 
Boil for 10 or more min. You can just turn off pot and let it cool before you take wool out. 

Rinse and dry. 

Trouble shooting. 

If heaps of dye left in water you can try add more vinegar and see if it will take up dye. 

If in doubt leave longer or in pot till next day. 

Make sure fleece is a good quality and no bits and bobs in it  

Wear gloves, mask and be careful of hot water splashing. 

Have fun and there is no wrong way to do it really. 


Some dyes I use 

Vinegar I use but you can use any white Vinegar 


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